The paper presents the short history of the spa in Ajnácskő: the beginnings, its short operation and closure. The spa – property of baron Gábor Kemény – stood on a swampy, marshy area in the valley of the Gortva creek, in the southern corner of Gemer. Its most prosperous period was in the first decades of conciliation. Paradoxically, by the time when other spas of Gemer begun to have their heyday around the turn of the century, the spa of Ajnácskő, known for its spring water rich in minerals, went bankrupt. In this paper we learn about the healing power of the famous but never bottled mineral water, present the services offered by the spa and, with the help of the contemporary press and letters, we recall life at the spa and the entertainment options offered by the resort.


Éva Kerényi   615.838(437.6)(091)

Ajnácskő – The Spa of Mr. Minister 711.455: 615.838(437.6)(091)

Keywords: Gömör (Gemer), Ajnácskő (Hajnáčka), balneology, baron Gábor Kemény, mineral water.