The educational situation of the Trebisov district in the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century


The author in her study examines the situation of education in the Trebisov district situated in the former Zemplén county. In her short historical survey, she states that the schooling of the population improved after the Ratio Educatio-nis issued by Maria Theresia, later the Act on Peoples’ School in 1868 resulted significant changes in the region and influenced the organisation of basic education for long decades, including the 6-grade primary school, the 3-grade primary school and the 3-grade economic repeating school, and 4-grade higher elementary school. This result seemed to be supported also by the fact that in 1910 in 85 of 88 territories, the ability of population to read and write was over 50%, while in 1900 the rate of those who had the knowledge to read and write represented 50% only in 64 territories. During the dualism the number of pedagogues working in schools and education keeps raising. The author then gives a detailed information on the statistical data on schools from 1868, 1879, 1899 and 1904 by villages and religion (Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic, Reformed, Evangelic, Israelite).