Marginal Notes to an Official Newspaper: Kárpátaljai Közlöny (Subcarpathian Bulletin, 1939–1944)

The research of the Subcarpathian Province in Hungary between 1939 and 1944, a unit differing from all the other parts of the country in respect of the organization of public administration, has resulted in many interesting findings mainly regarding history, justice and language policy. It is a common shortcoming of the broad spectrum of historical research programmes that the internal history of the region on the level of local provision-making has so far not been examined at all, however, there is a large scale of literature from homeland studies to mainstream scientific pieces. In this study, we examine the directions, areas and most of all the content of local politics, in the context of national aspirations. We studied, among others, whether there had been issues addressed on local level, and we sought to answer whether this administrative unit with special status was specific within the Hungarian public administration only in its name and some parts, or also in its deeper content.


Csilla Fedinec – István Csernicskó   070.48(=511.141)(477.87)”1939/1944”

Marginal Notes to an Official Newspaper: Kárpátaljai      316.022.4(=511.141)(477.87)”1939/1944”

Közlöny (Subcarpathian Bulletin, 1939–1944)

Keywords: Subcarpathia, revision, self-government, local provision-making, Hungarian-Russian (Ruthenian) language.