My paper, based on the memoirs of Ármin Schnitzer—recently published in Hungarian as well —presents the relationship and friendship of two 19th century churchmen bound to Komárom: Neolog rabbi Ármin Schnitzer, and Bishop of the Reformed Church Gábor Pap. The original German-language recollections were published in Vienna in 1904 (Jüdische Kulturbilder. Aus meinem Leben) in the genre „scenes of life”, typical of its time. Then, almost one hundred years later, in 2015, the Jewish Community in Komárno published the memoirs again, in the local Hungarian and Slovak. In the first part of the paper, based on the above mentioned reminiscences, I present the career of Ármin Schnitzer, in particular as regards his self-reflection on the Jewish communities of Hungary standing “between two worlds” in the times of emancipation and modernization. After this I analyse the chapters of the book devoted to the friendship of the two churchmen.