The First Vienna Award in the Chronicles of Some Returning Municipalities in the Zemplén Region

The study presents municipal commemorative books established under the Czechoslovak Government Decree No. 169 dated 17 November, 1932, and examines whether these can be used in research of municipalities in the former Czechoslovakia. After a short presentation of twenty-four commemorative books, and by taking a closer look at seven of them—Battyán (Boťany), Bodrogszerdahely (Streda nad Bodrogom), Boly (Boľ), Királyhelmec (Kráľovský Chlmec), Nagytoronya (Veľká Tŕňa), Rad (Rad), Zemplén (Zemplín)—we try to get an insight into the local reception of the 1938 border arbitrations, as the chronicler recorded them. The study mainly presents and provides sources, but it attempts to explain and clarify certain concepts as well.