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Béla Angyal: Literature and Resources of the History of Hungarian Parties in the Interwar Czechoslovakia

The history, operation and development of the Hungarian political parties during the twenty years of the First Czechoslovak Republic are still partly unexplored. It is only in the recent decades that studies of a scientific quality have been written, underpinned by archival research. The majority of the works published earlier were based on previous publications and relied on the contemporary press, and as such, these were of various standards and often had been influenced by national perspective and the times of composition. Regarding archival basic research, we are at the very beginning phase. There are many funds and textures available in the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian archives that have not yet been explored by researchers from the point of view of the topic, although they contain documents of contemporary institutions and organizations, which dealt with the affairs of the Hungarian minority in Czechoslovakia and the activities of its political parties. In this work I review the special literature and resources on the topic and the results of the research achieved to date. I also mention the most urgent tasks facing researchers.