The centre of the region reannexed to Hungary in November 1938 (temporarily called Bars and Hont county) was Léva, and its only weekly paper was published with the title Bars-Hont. In this study I examine the mentioned weekly from November 1938 up to its cease in November 1944, from the point of view how it had related towards the local Jews. The weekly most intensively argued for the exclusion of the Jews from economic life, and used a tough anti-Semitic tone in every respect, condemning the Jews even after their deportation: „The infection by the Jewish spirit has deeply ingrained into the Christian society, therefore it will be difficult to ventilate it in a way that we can easily say that the air above Hungary is really clean.”


Attila Baki       323.12(=411.16)

Jews from the aspect of weekly papers in the Bars and Hont counties  323.14 070(=511.141)(437.6)”1938/1944”

Keywords: Bars-Hont weekly, Léva (Levice) and surroundings, anti-Semitism.