„Solution of the Jewish problem” in November 1938 – deportations of the Jews and their execution in the districts of Slovakia


The Slovak autonomous government and the representatives of the new power took steps to limit the local Jewish community immediately after 6th October 1938. On the one hand, they implemented specific measures against the Jews, on the other hand, many of these regulations were part of the general anti-democratic interventions and came hard not only on the minority but also on the majority population. The subject of the present study though is the intervention with which the autonomous government reacted on the results of the First Vienna Award already in the beginning of November 1938, while it did not hesitate to violate the laws then in force. Hlinka´s Slovak People´s Party (HSĽS) blamed the Jewish community for the failure what the arbitration undoubtedly was and the community became target of aggressive attacks not only in the press but also in the streets, for example, in Bratislava. The Vienna decision also became an opportunity for the “solution of the Jewish problem” in Slovakia, which led to an astonishingly hard intervention affecting the Jewish community on almost the whole territory of Slovakia.


Martina Fiamová       94(=411.16)(437.6)“1938“

„Solution of the Jewish problem” in November 1938 –   323.12(=411.16)(437.6)“1938“

deportations of the Jews and their execution in the districts of Slovakia          341.43(=411.16)(437.6)“1938“


Keywords: Persecution of the Jews in Slovakia, First Vienna Award, exportation of Jews from the territory of Slovakia, expulsion and forced relocation of Jews.