Development of school system in Hungary in the 18″ – 19″ C. Upper-Hungarian Evangelic schools. The Evangelic College in Presov. Philosophy, law, and theology teaching. The outstanding teacher personali-ties of the college.

The author in his paper examines, in connection to the development of school system in Hungary, whether the Hungárián and mainly the Upper-Hungarian schools were able to ease the civilisation incongruences in contrast to West Europe. The examination is made in connection with the Evangelic College in Presov. Consequently, he states: 1. From the very beginning, the college in Presov supported, adapted, and spread the contemporary knowledge (its teachers were well-prepared professionals and they dealt with their knowledge appropriately, and they did their best to separate knowledge and the happen-ings of actual politics). 2. Due to its locality conditions, but alsó accepting this determination, the college was a multicultural institution. It raised the “nation-al” principle present in the Protestant teaching to the value-oriented thinking of Kant’s philosophy, through which the worlds of “there is” (Sein) and “must” (Sollen) come intő a balanced relationship with each other. 3. Consequently, except tor little exceptions the college became a model of tolerance.