László Zeman’s activities in the field of linguistics and literature. The structural linguistics of the 20™ C (Saussure, Trubeckoj, Hjelmslev, Bloomfield, Chomsky) and the influence of the Prague School (Muka?ovsky) on László Zeman. László Zeman’s conception of language teaching. The ideological her-itage of the Evangelic College in Presov. Teacher of the Comenius University.

In his paper the author introduces László Zeman’s, the 75-year-old retired uni-versity teacher’s, scientific activities. The author states that the core and the starting point of László Zeman’s activities, including his teaching, lies in the use of the main results of somé of the branches of the so-called structural lin-guistics developed by Saussure, the Prague School, i.e. the functional linguis-tics, the glossematics by the Copenhagen Hjelmslev, the descriptive linguistics by the American Bloomfield, and the transformational generative grammar by Chomsky. László Zeman’s activities in literature are primarily determined by the Czech Jan Mukarovsky, and the Slovak F. Miko who creatively developed Mukarovsky’s theory. Zeman’s studies on technical and literary translation are alsó very significant.