Zsuzsanna T. Mirnics: Health-protective and Health-damaging Practices of the Voivode Hungarian Youth

From the research results it is evident that the recent health condition of voivode Hungarian youth can cause many long-term dangers in the future; forms of self-damaging behavior used as stress reducers is a problem of the society. Health-protective behavior and sporting is less general, in case of older people it has less value, people have indifferent and negative attitude to it.

The impact of demographic factors is evident; family background, higher education, and career opportunity of making business that give security and protection against damaging addictions. Friends and entertainment opportunities make drugs in the world of the youth more accepted, “more fashionable”, more usual.
The modern forms of healthy lifestyle propaganda in the Voivode have been pushed into the background for a long time, since they are considered “elite” in the state of poverty. Good health condition depends not mainly on finances, but on individual and communal view of life, life philosophy, and belief.
After the ten-year war period the economic crisis, that have been reduced only partially, will presumably not stop in a short time, therefore the disappearance of pressures vented in forms of health-damaging can not be expected in a short time. Rapid spreading of drugs effects mainly very young people, between 15 and 19 years of age, who try drugs at such young age. The age group from 20 to 24 is also effected. The fact that from them the students are the aims of drug dealing, shows that youth organizations, groups of students, university and college teachers can do a lot for changing the situation.
Recent results set further research goals as reason exploration and understanding; and within the framework of prevention they stress traditional information giving, community forming, individual and group advisory, the importance of psychological activities, and the creation of the opportunity of meaningful work and study and the restoration of their values.