In my paper I deal with the question of how some of the existing Hungarian Bible translations could be developed into different types of translations aimed for different audiences and designed to fulfil partly different functions. In the first part of the paper I give an overview of the most important existing Bible translations, based mostly on the papers presented on a 2013 conference on Hungarian Bible translations. Then I outline some of the features of Relevance Theory, accentuating its advantages for Bible translation. Finally I deal with the questions how new revisions of some of the existing translations could lead to translations which differ from each other in a meaningful way and they consequently fulfil the needs of different kinds of Bible readers and also fulfil partly different functions


István Lanstyák         22:81`255.4

On the future of the Hungarian Bible translations           811.511.141`255.4:22

Keywords: Hungarian Bible translations, direct and indirect translation, relevance theory, the principle of rele­vance, communicative clues, formal and functional equivalence, language ideologies.