Csaba Cúth Legal Framework of Language Use of National Minorities and Circumstances of Application of Language Rights in the Local Governments in Slovakia between 1999 and 2011

Members of national minorities practice their official language use first of all in their communication with the local government. In this study, I examine the framework and circumstances of application of the minority language use in local governments of Slovakia. At the moment of the finalization of this study, on 10th June, 2011, the Amendment of Law No. 184/1999 on the Use of Minority Languages (“minority language law”) was already adopted. The wording of the law to come in force can determine the framework of the minority language use in the long run, and if it would, for some reason, not come in force, we could regard it as an interesting testimony on the era. In the course of discussing the particular provisions, I touch upon the analyses elaborated by Hungarian linguists in Slovakia, as well as the assessments of minority language rights.