István Gaučík: The Rimamurány-Salgótarján Iron Works PLC on the example of the economic elites

I make an attempt „to tone” the notion of the „economic elite”. I deduce the notion of an economic elite from the general notion of elite. I also deal with the most important streams of history of enterprise, as the knowledge of the scientific background is essential regarding the research of economic elites. In this study, I deal with the decisive breaking point in the development of the Rimamurány-Salgótarján Iron Works PLC, the consequences of the change in the state power in 1918–1919. I review the Slovak and Hungarian perceptions of the history of the giant company in detail. I put on balance the most important research results. For understanding the completely new economic situation occurring after World War I, it is essential to show the trends in the development of the economy in Czechoslovakia and Hungary, too. I also find important to present the main attributes of the new corporate governance and the business policies of the iron works from 1920. Finally, I clarify the circumstances and operation of the establishment and the operation of their Bratislava agency.