Changes in the Municipal Structure of National Minorities in Slovakia, according to the 1970 and 1980 Censuses

This study examines the 1970 and 1980 census data of municipalities of Slovakia inhabited by national minorities. The data rows of the two censuses related to national minorities could not be examined earlier as they only became available in the years following the turn of the millennium. The data series, besides those concerning the seven national minorities of Slovakia (Czechs, Slovaks, Ukrainian-Ruthenians, Russians, Polish, Hungarians, Germans), also contain data on other national minorities and those with unknown national identity. In this study we analyse data broken down by administrative units (counties, districts), municipality sizes, proportion of national minorities, and the number of members belonging to the individual minority communities. We examine the changes in the consolidated municipal data rows of majority and minority, as well as the changes in the data of the individual national minorities separately. Based on the analysed data, we can see the modifications of the ethnic spatial structure in the reviewed period in Slovakia. For better understanding, the changes taking place over the decades are further detailed by graphs and charts.