At the focus of this study stands the Hungarian steampunk subculture. In the preparatory phase, it explores the term of subculture from several aspects, then, while looking at the tendencies of the research of subcultures in Hungary, it determines the positions of its own investigation. The work is divided into three major parts. The first one focuses on and integrates the findings of the book by Jeff VanderMeer and S. J. Chambers entitled The Steampunk Bible, which, especially in its chapter on the steampunk subculture, details on all manifestations of the steampunk phenomenon. The second phase, based on available information from online fora, opens up a horizon on the activities of the Hungarian Steampunk Community, the local projection of the subculture. Finally, there are three short interviews included in the paper, in which we ask the illustrious figures of the community, above all, about what it means for them to be a steampunk. In the individual subsections we will also cover other interesting curiosities, but strictly moving to the end within inter-artistic space, as the steampunks are equally present in fine arts, fashion, music, cinematography, and literary fiction as well.