„It is Not Possible to Attract Young People with Mediocrity.” The Life Path of Papal Prelate and Grand Provost of Košice Miklós Pfeiffer (1887–1979)

Canon of Košice Miklós Pfeiffer was a well-known and recognized public figure of Hungarians in Upper Hungary who after World War I found themselves in a minority position. The stages of his life were divided among three countries. He grew up in the Austro–Hungarian Monarchy and was ordained as mass-priest in 1909. He devoted the acme of his career to pastoral care of Hungarian inhabitants in the interwar Czechoslovakia, he first of all dedicated his efforts to education of university students. At the age of nearly sixty he had no choice but to immigrate to Switzerland. However, it maybe was a mitigation for him that he returned back to the scene of his university studies. This bibliographic summary outlines the stations of Miklós Pfeiffer´s life and career, endeavouring to be as complete as possible.