Political Factors of the Slovak–Hungarian Relations in the Period of Democratic Transition: Situation, Trends, Challenges

The relations between nations are influenced by a variety of factors, including political ones. The Slovak–Hungarian relations are no exception either. This is connected with the historical context, with the manifold forms of state-political coexistence of the two nations in the past, but also with the ongoing processes, with everything that influences the given country’s overall domestic political development, the image and evolution of the transformation of the last thirty years, the results of the reforms, the state of democracy in Slovakia. Parts of the internal problems of the Slovak–Hungarian relations are the general political characteristics of the country’s development, the nature of the political regime, the legal embeddedness of the human rights issue, including minority rights, the political preferences and value orientations of the population, and party activities, including those which claim that they represent the interests of the members of the Hungarian community.