Jó­zsef Kiss: Slo­va­kia’s Place and Role in Milan Hodža’s Geo­po­li­ti­cal Con­cep­ti­on (2. part)

Hodža’s draft draws the atten­ti­on to the con­nec­ti­on bet­we­en his geo­po­li­ti­cal con­cep­ti­ons and fore­ign poli­cy directions, and also to the ambi­va­lent cha­rac­ter of his ideas. He gives evi­den­ce of those dif­fi­cul­ti­es that arose during the imple­men­ta­ti­on of the com­plex­ly inter­pre­ted geo­po­li­ti­cal con­cep­ti­on to the fore­ign poli­cy direc­ti­on that exten­ded to the eco­no­mic and social, cul­tu­ral and civi­li­sa­ti­o­nal sphere. Hodža during the intro­duc­ti­on of the “Duna-plan” in efforts of taking it into real fra­me­work and during poli­ti­cal tem­po­ri­zing he did not for­get the moti­ves in con­nec­ti­on with Rus­sia and aris­ing from the neces­si­ty and fun­cti­on of joining, resul­ting from middle-European aspi­ra­ti­ons of Ger­ma­ny that had grown to threats. Hodža, to the con­tra­ry to Beneš, intend­ed to drop the impor­tan­ce of Czechoslovak–Soviet co-operation agre­e­ments and to main­ta­in the inde­pend­ence of Middle-Europe that was thre­a­te­ned by the agres­si­ve acts of Ger­ma­ny and to main­ta­in the dis­tan­ce with the acti­vi­ti­es of the Sovi­et Union, while it want­ed to find com­pro­mise with Germany. Apparently, Hodžá­nak had no illu­si­ons in con­nec­ti­on with Ger­ma­ny’s aggres­si­ve intents.

In this Hodža’s atti­tu­te taking into con­si­de­ra­ti­on of those geo­po­li­ti­cal abi­li­ti­es was pres­ent that result­ed that his con­cep­ti­ons did not loose their time­ly­ness under the recent con­di­ti­ons of the pro­cess of get­ting uni­ted in Europe.
Coor­di­na­tes of Slo­va­kia’s pla­ce­ment in Hodža’s geo­po­li­ti­cal con­cep­ti­on evi­den­ce efforts of cre­a­ting syn­cre­ti­cal equ­a­li­za­ti­on bet­we­en cat­ching con­nec­ti­vi­ti­es and poli­ti­cal expediency, and the dyna­mism fun­cti­o­ning with signs of per­ma­nent appro­rism and appropriatness, con­nec­ting susceptibility, the abi­li­ty to dis­co­ver with imagination, racio­na­lism with abstractness. Hodža’s geo­po­li­ti­cal con­cep­ti­on intend­ed to put Slo­va­kia into inter­na­ti­o­nal thinking.