Examination of Party Preferences of Slovak Municipalities in the Southern Great Plain (1931–1947)

This paper presents the first results of a larger study. The research attempts to examine the party preferences and attitudes of Slovaks in Hungary, especially focusing on 1939, as it is demonstrably different from that of other national minorities, and where it does not differ, we can find that we cannot speak about ethnic-based voting in their case. The research uses the methodologies of political geography and election research. As this study is the first one on the research, it presents the methodological bases and publications that can be considered as research antecedents conducted by others. It also attempts to analyse the 1939 election results of the Slovak diaspora in the Southern Great Planes, and, as a control, it also examines the elections of 1931, 1935, 1945 and 1947, comparing the results of the two constituencies inhabited in part by Slovak population with the results of municipalities with Slovak majority population and with the national results. The first results already include unexpected data beyond the margin of error that require further examination.