Marusiak Juraj: The Hungárián Minority in Connection with the Slovak Policy of Normalization Period


The activity of the Hungárián opposition in Slovakia in the 60’s is connectedwith developed processes. The liberal atmoshpere of the 60’s enabled publicinstitutions to introduce activities subsequently officially not enabled by authorities. Such was e.g. Attila József ‘s Youth Club, that at its creation (1964)could not operate as an independent instititution, but Csemadok subsequently undertook to patronage it.

Between 1968-69 within the framework of the Csemadok – with its reforming character – the professional intelligentsia’s involvement to the minority lifebegan.

The beginning of the 70’s was the period of deflection from originally proclaimed minority policy efforts. The new normalising politics did not want toprovide any changes in the field of minory policy. They were ready to eliminate evén those changes that took place at the end of the 60’s. In the fali of1969 problems arose in connection with efforts of opening new, Hungáriánlanguage schools.

Minority policy could be influenced by that Soviet thesis that promotetunderstanding and development of nations and nationalities, while the process that is understood liké this began to grow to a forced merging. From theside of the Czechoslovak communistic power one of the reasons of the culmination against the Hungárián minority could probably be from the revival ofopposing streams of the 70’s in Czechoslovakia and Hungary as well.

The activity of the Hungárián Committee for Right Assertion inCzechoslovakia was of conspirative character, its documents were signed solely by Miklós Duray, who undertook this group’s actvitities’ responsibilities inwhole extent. This decision in case of retaliatory measures enabled that thecommunistic régime introduced the committee’s activities as an individual initiation, and not an organised group’s operation.

To the beginning of the 80’s within the Hungárián community in Slovakia anew generation of inteligentsia grow up that had no experiance from 1968 andhad a rejecting attitűdé toward the communistic system.