The mate­ri­al of names from the point of view of their mean­ing, is very divid­ed: the author dis­tin­guish­es 25 name types at a rel­a­tive­ly small ter­ri­to­ry, from this with­in the inner ter­ri­to­ry 18, from the names of waters 16, from the names of bor­ders 19.

The author states that for this area it is char­ac­ter­is­tic that the per­son­al names have very slight role in giv­ing names for places. Since in Zob­o­ral­ja small estates are not char­ac­ter­is­tic, and in giv­ing names for streets inside the ter­ri­to­ry we can­not find inmo­ti­vat­ed names that is so char­ac­ter­is­tic in the moth­er coun­try, the num­ber of place names cre­at­ed from the names of per­sons is very lit­tle.
N. Császi con­sid­ers the cat­e­go­ry of names of ter­ri­to­ries, cities, and/or bor­der parts very impor­tan­t, since the method of name cre­ation from already exist­ing place names play an impor­tant role in name giv­ing.
On the other hand, com­mon word ele­ments and already died out dialect words in them, are pres­ent in name giv­ing strong­ly. Also, the effect of the state lan­guage is pow­er­ful in name usage.
In the exam­ined reg­ion, the most fre­quent are the lex­e­mas relat­ing eco­nom­ic and own­er­ship his­to­ry. They are pres­ent as basic and addi­tion­al parts total­ly 384 times, that means 14, 2 per cent of the total occurence. The sec­ond most fre­quent name types belong to sit­u­a­tion com­par­ison­s: 308 occurence = 11,4%. The sur­face of Zob­o­ral­ja is very divid­ed, that is evi­denced by the big num­ber of nam­ing of the ter­rain (224 = 8,3%). In the name cre­ation, they are pres­ent not only as basic part­s, but also as addi­tion­s. The fifth most fre­quent name type indi­cates nat­u­ral plants (197 = 7,3%).
The social­is­tic large-s­cale econ­o­my did not decrease the Hun­gar­i­an name mate­ri­al in a large exten­t, since main­ly these were trans­lat­ed to the state lan­guage, those that could not be transat­ed, were pub­lished with Slo­vak spelling on maps. The Slo­vak lan­guage map data con­firm that dialect words that were recent­ly pres­ent in the reg­ion, dis­ap­peared from the Hun­gar­i­an lan­guage usage, they were pub­lished in the maps trans­lat­ed to the state lan­guage amost in unchanged form (Salga ~ Šal­ga, Kur­dok, Poron­na ~ Poron­a, Cseter­tek ~ Èeter­ty) or they were iden­ti­fied with Slo­vak com­mon words (Heréb ~ Hríb