The historical source presented here is of local historical importance. It gives a mosaic-like insight into the past of the settlements of Gyürki (Ďurkovce), Kőkeszi (Kamenné Kosihy), Sirak (Širákov), Szelény (Seľany), Terbegec (Trebušovce), which were under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the former parish of Kőkeszi (Nagykürtös/Veľký Krtíš district). This material is significant in terms of local history, since the history of the above-mentioned villages (based on the surviving archives and other sources) is still unprocessed. This source, as a common meeting point for local history, shows that whatever the size of a settlement, big history (wars, epidemics, national and other changes) has reached the lowest levels in every age, leaving its mark on the daily life of the community living there. The handwritten entry is to be found in the register of baptisms, marriages, and deaths of the former parish of Kőkeszi, dating from 1735 to 1786. The original of the register is kept in the State Archives of Banská Bystrica.